Sometimes Later Becomes Never

‘Finding A Better You’

My Mission

Is to empower women to feel their very best every day.

 I’ve observed that a woman who exercises and eats correctly will influence her entire household to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Then & Now

About Me

My name is Yael Rodriguez. I am a personal trainer and health coach. After I finished high school, I discovered a passion for helping both myself and others lead a healthy lifestyle. I understood that an education is necessary for the actualization of my passion. I graduated from Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports in 2006 (the largest school in Israel for physical education) as a personal trainer. I also took the following courses: kids and sport, sport and core after birth, nutrition, sport and nutrition.
My passion for a healthy lifestyle directly correlates to my childhood. As a child, I was overweight; by far the biggest in my class. Making friends was obviously a struggle, and it was not rare to hear other kids laugh at me and make ugly comments. Once I reached age fourteen, I felt I had suffered enough. I demanded a serious physical change from myself and was willing to do anything! It took time to convince my mother for her permission to sign me up to the gym, as I was underage to do so myself, but finally she allowed. The moment my foot stepped into the gym, I fell in love.
I discovered a passion. I knew change would take time but at least I began. After awhile I was able to lose half my body weight, which was 110 lbs. I ate two meals a day and eventually the obsession with losing weight lead me to become anorexic. I did not look or feel healthy. I struggled between not eating enough and binge eating. Then I tried every diet, pill, or method possible. My eating sprouted from more of an emotional need than a physical.
Time after, I got married and had four beautiful children (B”H). I gained weight from the pregnancies and nursing and then lost; nothing was stable. Having children changed my life. I immediately realized the importance of being there for them. I needed to gather myself together and be emotionally stable. My kids deserve better and as their mother, so do I. Ever since, I focused on my mental being just as much as my physical. This mindset transformation allows for failure as long as you get up.
It reminds you that we are human and not machines. It becomes a lifestyle and not a daily restriction. The drastic change that occurred in my life was amazing and I want to make it a mission sharing it with other women. If you give yourself love, and take care of your needs, the love to others becomes much greater. I know what it means to not love your body or to not feel your best – Luckily, I can help YOU! Each of us is a wonder woman who deserves to be the BEST she can be.

Premium package:

Personal Combo Set

This package provides the BEST, most efficient system for fast results and weight loss. 

This package includes 10 personal training sessions along with daily communication with me as I constantly track your nutrition and exercise.

We meet twice a week for personal training sessions and measurements are taken weekly. Workouts and guidance for days we do not meet are customized and provided by me accordingly. 

If you want to lose weight and look toned this package is definitly yours.

Package of Personal Training

(10 Sessions)

Whether you want to become toned or lose weight, my variety of unique workouts will for sure allow you to actualize that wish.

If you chose this package, it includes weekly measurements, weight tracking and bodyfat measuring.

The workouts are involving boxing, TRX, cardio, weights, unique warmups, stretching and more things that make sure you work yourself but also have some fun!

Nutrition Plan

To start eating healthy we need guidance, how to do it without starvation or harm. 

For that reason I am here!

It is a one time consultation that lasts an hour. Together we discuss your current nutrition lifestyle and I guide you on how to make better food choices for the future.


Yael has helped me SOOO much! I’ve been having training sessions with her and she has been also coaching me on my health lifestyle; she began with small changes so the transformation wouldn’t be so hard; and what I can tell you that this time is the first time I turn the switch!!

Her ways have made me want to have an active, healthier lifestyle and I’m enjoying it every step of it! I would have never imagined that losing weight could be so much fun and easy! Not only losing weight but creating a habit which I enjoy very much. THANK YOU YAEL!!!! aka The QUEEN!!!!😍😘😘 Dani C.

Excellent results- if you listen to Yael you will lose weight, improve Your fitness level, change your relationship with food and the gym and gain strength. But more importantly, Yael is an amazing person. She genuinely cares about her clients’ well being on all levels. She offers the best support and customer service around and she’s a pleasure to work out with (and this is coming from a person who hates, or is it is hated?- working out).

Moran G.

Yael is very responsible, knowledgeable and professional. She understands the clients needs and strives to meet their needs. It’s a pleasure to work with a dedicate professional like Yaelle! Murielle A.

She is the best, most dedicated trainer I’ve worked with. Her system is more than just the workouts, rather the follow up and tracker she has on you as a client. She makes sure to keep you motivated with some quotes on her instagram (yaelsfitlab) everyone is invited to follow, and more than that she is open for questions and any motivation you need. I saw immediate results working with her and I’m so happy I had the chance to train with her! Fastest results are with her. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to lose weight, or even to get stronger, anything only with her! Noa T.

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